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San Atlantis

by M.G. Siegler


How Sonos will take on Alexa and Google: by integrating them

Dieter Bohn sad down with new Sonos CEO Patrick Spence:

Bohn: So if you knew right away you wanted Alexa on Sonos, can you tell us why it hasn’t come out yet? What’s taking so long?
Spence: We're doing it a little differently in terms of the way we approach it. Of course, we could have done it [on a different scale] and been off and running that way. But you know we think broader about the experience and what's possible. We're actually doing some work with them which is unique around the music experience that we're creating. We believe that it's worth investing that time and energy to create something a little bit more unique. Others will be able to use whatever we're working with Amazon on, and they'll be able to build on that. I think it's really important we get that experience right, and that we are thinking about how we support a world where there are multiple voice services, too.

The last bit is the real interesting part. It would seem that a war is looming between devices that support Alexa versus Google Assistant (not to mention Cortana and maybe Siri, though you know Apple...). Both want to be ubiquitous, but will they play nicely with one another on the same devices? Seems unlikely... But Sonos is one of the few third-party companies in a position to at least try to make this a reality. 


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