It’s Time to Break Up Facebook

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg's friend from Harvard, op-ed this week on why Facebook needs to be broken up. He makes a compelling argument, and his relationship with Zuck and the company is sure to at least have more politicians ponder how they would regulate the company. The challenge I found in his argument, however, was his focus on the power that has amassed to Mark vs. the company itself. In focusing on "Mark’s influence", the fact that "Mark alone can decide how to configure Facebook’s algorithms to determine what people see in their News Feeds", that "he sets the rules for how to distinguish violent and incendiary speech from the merely offensive, and he can choose to shut down a competitor by acquiring, blocking or copying it", Hughes is focusing on the man atop the company or, at the very least, equating the two. However, the government going after individuals is a very different thing than going after a company. Whether other presidential candidates or legislators follow Elizabeth Warren's lead or not will be telling.


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