Jupyter: And voilà!


Voilà turns Jupyter notebooks into standalone web applications.

Voilà is Project Jupyter's attempt to make notebooks work better for the "presentation to non-technical data consumers" part of the analysis lifecycle. I won't attempt to summarize the release here, suffice it to say that I think this is a big, important problem that has to-date been very much unsolved, and I think this development is an important one.

I believe that the eventual solution to dashboarding looks something like a flexible system where users can write "widgets"—charts, tables, interactive elements—in the language of their choosing, and then publish those widgets to a common dashboard where they can all interact (e.g. share the same dynamic parameters, respond to the same user interactions). A product like this could act as a common framework, allowing iteration / evolution within the framework instead of requiring users to constantly move from framework to framework in search of the next set of new features. I think Jupyter is a very natural place for something like this to come from, and it seems like the folks at Project Jupyter agree.


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