What I Learned from Watching My iPad’s Slow Death


On planned obsolescence and the death of your favourite toys. We've probably all been through this a bunch of times now. It's infuriating. That said, my kids still love watching Netflix on my old first-gen iPad. 

My old iPad just turned five, and it’s starting to die. If it could wonder about such things, it might question this prognosis. Its memory, after all, still retrieves information as quickly as it ever did. Its face hasn’t aged a day, projecting as vividly as it did in 2012, when Apple called it “stunning” and “gorgeous.” It hasn’t suffered vision loss; the camera still works. The touch-screen works. Buttons work. Speaker, headphone jack, charging port: All still do what I ask of them. On examination, almost nothing about the device seems to have changed. And yet it’s starting to give up, and so am I.


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