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Pop Loser No. 102

by Tyler Hellard


For Two Months, I Got My News From Print Newspapers. Here’s What I Learned.

I suppose we need to talk about Farhad. He stopped reading Twitter for news (except kind of not, except sort of yes) and it changed his life. Or something. This comes almost exactly a year after Andrew "I'm Brave Because I Put the Bell Curve on the Cover of the New Republic" Sullivan did his digital detox, and it wasn't interesting then either. It hasn't actually been interesting in at least a decade, so why do people keep writing them? 

Now I am not just less anxious and less addicted to the news, I am more widely informed (though there are some blind spots). And I’m embarrassed about how much free time I have — in two months, I managed to read half a dozen books, took up pottery and (I think) became a more attentive husband and father.

The CJR response is wonderful: 

After trying, and failing, to get him to own up to the fact that his assertion that he had “unplugged” from social media was not true, I asked him whether perhaps his use of social media was messing with his own self-perception. He didn’t respond to that question.

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