Supplier extras

Joining is free, so what do you get? A 6prog community profile, and access to 6prog Slack community workspace Marketing support to write case studies and news articles about your company £67 off membership with freelancers association, IPSE £25 in account when joining Countingup 10% off for 12 months with inniAccounts QDOS: 6PROGBUS - 10% discount on Professional Liability and Professional Indemnity. 6PROGTAX - 10% discount on Tax Enquiry Insurance and Tax Liability Cover £20 in account and 1 year free transfers with Tide £15 Amazon voucher when you buy insurance from freelance specialists, Dinghy Exclusive FreeAgent offer : 90-day free trial and 50% off for 6 monthsFreeAgent A free no obligation 30 minute mortgage appointment with Roots Free assessment with PS Professional Lots more partners on Freeelancer 101 Events to network with your peers


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