This book will teach you how to grow your biz or side hustle, and be a smarter employee

Serial tech entrepreneur Nathalie Molina Niño (and founder and CEO of BRAVA Investments) has met or advised thousands of entrepreneurs who’ve gone from zero to scalable business. In this book she shares their best secrets in the form of 50 “leapfrogs”—clever loopholes and shortcuts to outsmart, jump over, or straight up annihilate the seemingly intractable hurdles facing entrepreneurs who don’t have family money, cultural capital, or connections. If you're not an entrepreneur and are working hard at a company, many of these hacks can be still be used. For example, Hack 6: Hack Your Inner "Peer" Circle, and Hack 7: Steal Paper Clips - will teach you how to give yourself a leg up at your day job, and why you should create mastermind groups.

I've read so many business books and none of them made me feel as empowered as this book did -it's full of advice and stories from other entrepreneurs who are like me - born without wealth or connections. It's relatable and practical: immediately after reading Hack 9: Cash in on Your Woman Card, I took a class on how to get certified as a woman and minority-owned business and now I'm pursuing the certification. If there's a Latina in your life that's starting a business, wants to be smarter about work, or wants more inspiration as she climbs up the career ladder- Get her this book now! Literally buy it and hand deliver it, or get her address and mail it to her. Would love to hear what you think after you read it.


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