How Google's AI Wants To Control Your Entire Life

Google introduced new products and upgrades this week, including its AI software, 'Duplex', flexing its superiority in artificial intelligence and innovation. I'll break down this update in three ways; The good, the creepy, and the freaky.

The Good 😁: Google will introduce a new "news" app similar to Apple news, and will also help those of us who lack walking navigation skills with it's improvement to its Maps app, and also plans to help its users spend less time addicted to our devices.

The Creepy 😱: Forget OpenTable, Google's Duplex was put to the test and successfully booked a restaurant appointment, wait for it... OVER THE PHONE while talking to a real human who didn't realize they were talking to a bot!!! The new technology can also write your emails for you as if it was inside your brain, and teach your children home manners by making them say "please" before making requests to it. 

The Freaky 😏: Google will auto-suggest who your photos should be sent to, so now you can blame sliding into someone's DMs on Google AI.  

Companies mentioned (YTD): GOOGL (+5%), YELP (+5%)


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