Earning Your Stripes: My Conversation with Patrick Collison


A tremendous podcast episode between Shane Parrish of The Farnam Street and Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe. Patrick is articulate, incredibly well read and a very deep thinker and the two explore a wide range of subjects including the Irish view of the world, what to look for in a new hire and judging exploration vs. exploitation while scaling businesses. One of my favorite things from the podcast was how Patrick explores reading.

Normally, I’ll jump sort of midway through it and I just start reading and ask “Would I like to have ended up here?” And, almost certainly, there’ll be a bunch of the terms I won’t recognize or the antecedent ideas I won’t be familiar with or whatever, but, yeah, “do I want to be here or have gotten here?” And if for a couple of pages, it seems like the answer is yes, then I might backtrack to the start, pursuing it a bit more seriously.

Podcast transcript here for anyone who'd prefer to read it.  


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