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by M.G. Siegler


The apps are too damn big

Matt Birchler:

Of note, Apple does not allow you to download apps or updates that are over 100 MB, and the only app update I was not able to perform was for Facebook. The Facebook app is advertised as being a whopping 251 MB app, and I don’t know what the update size is, but it was over 100 MB. Has Facebook changed so much in the past 3 days since an update that it needed to replace over 40% of its code?
Twitter is full of people who are both upset about these app sizes and those who think delta updates make this complaint void. I think it’s important that people understand that the size you see on the Updates page in the App Store is not how much you are going to download but it’s certainly not fair to say delta updates have fixed everything. Yes, they’ve made some updates negligible, but I burned through 348 MB of of data in one day exclusively from updating my apps. That’s insane! Thankfully, I’m on an unlimited plan with T-Mobile and I’m a nerd who has turned auto-updates off so this won’t break my plan.

Yeah, I've also been in the middle of this argument on Twitter. There is no argument, these update sizes are ridiculous, and the "delta" update argument is largely bullshit. 

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