Wal-Mart Asks Employees to Deliver Packages on Their Way Home


Speaking of Walmart, here's Spencer Soper on a new initiative to have in-store employees deliver packages on their way home from work:

Workers can opt in to earn extra money by making deliveries using their own cars. They’re assigned packages based on where they live so the route aligns with their commute home, the company said Thursday in a blog post. Wal-Mart didn’t specify how the employees will be compensated. The test began at three locations in Arkansas and New Jersey.

I think this is a brilliant plan. Take what is perceived to one day be a big potential weakness -- all that physical retail space in the age of Amazon -- and turn it into a strength against said rival:

About 90 percent of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a Wal-Mart, and the company is using those locations as shipping hubs to compete with Amazon on the last mile of delivery -- the most expensive part of getting goods to customers. By using existing workers in their own cars, Wal-Mart could create a vast network with little upfront cost, similar to how Uber Technologies Inc. created a ride-hailing service without owning any cars.

Related: we'll see what Amazon ends up doing with all those Whole Foods locations...


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