How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Fill Gaps In UX Design - Usability Geek

Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), UX design could bring in much more user satisfaction, customised experiences and drive positive behaviour.  

The most important tenet that propels the field of UX design forward and leads companies to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in incorporating it as an important part of their whole strategy, is the belief that customers should get a better experience and be pleased enough throughout their journey that a particular CTA (Call-to-Action) is served. The process from the landing page to that particular CTA would be meticulously designed so that the user would not lead out midway. This guides user behaviour and increased conversions. 

However, there exists a gap between the positive change these UX designers bring in and what the ultimate utopian engagement scenario ought to be. The results might have become better, but no UX design in this world could guarantee that every particular user would like everything on the website or app. There will always be some users who bow out during different parts of the UX design-led conversion journey.


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