Facebook pitches brand-safe video ad buys for $750,000, but lack of control irks buyers


As hustles go, creating a platform that is unsafe for brands and then charging those brands extra for "safety" seems like a very lucrative one. But:

With advertisers clamoring for uncontroversial environments, Facebook is pitching a brand-safe program to advertisers, but the black-box nature of the proposal has some ad buyers balking.
Facebook is offering the chance to buy ads against what it considers its most brand-safe videos, according to four agency executives that have been briefed on the pitch. The company is asking advertisers to commit to spend $750,000 over three months, at $250,000 a month, to participate in the program, said two execs. That amount of money is considered to be a bargain for brand-safe video inventory on a major platform like Facebook, but there are aspects of the experiment that undercut its value to ad buyers.


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