Disney Offers Details on Plans for Digital Future


Erich Schwartzel and Maria Armental reporting on Disney's most recent earnings call:

Mr. Iger said Tuesday he has no plans to shorten the length of time major releases stay in theaters, but said the company may consider shortening the length of time between when a movie is in theaters and when it is available on its streaming service.

Which would seem to be the same thing, unless he's suggesting the Disney service will start to stream the movies while they're still in theaters? This would undoubtedly piss off the theater owners, but if there's any studio that can afford to do this, it's Disney. What are they going to do, not show the latest Disney movie -- which dominate the box office every year now?

Or perhaps he's saying they'll start streaming the movie the day after it ends the theatrical run? (Which would still piss off the discount theaters?) Either way, the effect should be the same: this is going to shorten the window for movies in theaters -- and tighten the window for which movies go to theaters. Such an offhanded remark would seem to have big ramifications!


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