Groceries and glutes: Supermarkets add boutique gyms and yoga classes

It’s the week of Thanksgiving. You’ve eaten your body weight in turkey, stuffing, and pie. You’re now wondering exactly what combination of intermittent fasting, elliptical and light weightlifting will help get you back to ‘holidays normal’ so you can fit not-so-snugly into that holiday sweater you bought for the party in a few weeks. And you definitely want some more pie. Well, it looks like grocery stores can now give you a slice with a side of cardio.

Supermarkets are trying to entice shoppers with more than just food…As competition in the grocery industry stiffens, these stores hope to attract time-strapped shoppers by creating convenient experiences that shoppers can't replicate online. Grocery stores see an opening in the surging fitness industry, one of the rare business areas that has not been cannibalized by Amazon.
Experts say grocers have also stepped up their focus on catering to customers' health demands in recent years. Supermarkets are adding juice bars and health clinics and bringing dieticians into stores.
Hy-Vee and OrangeTheory are testing out studios attached to a full-size Hy-Vee supermarket in Shakopee, Minnesota, as well as a "HealthMarket," a slimmed-down Hy-Vee store. This 15,000-square-foot concept store in West Des Moines, Iowa — around one-sixth the size of a traditional Hy-Vee — has a pharmacy, health clinic, and hearing aid and sports nutrition areas. It also offers nitro coffee, kombucha and Bevi-infused water.

The move makes sense for both grocers and fitness chains. As much as grocery delivery has been hyped up, most people still shop for groceries the old fashioned way with only 19% of the population having ordered groceries online. Being able to get a workout in pre-grocery run is already the case for a lot of folks. Getting the workout sponsored by the grocery store as part of a member rewards program? Why not.


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