Okaloosa School Board approves Destin High School contract


On Monday night, the Okaloosa School Board unanimously approved the contract between the Okaloosa School District and the Destin High School.

School Board Member Dewey Destin made the first motion, followed by a 2nd from Dr. Diane Kelley.

After the approval from the Board, Destin High School Inc. wrote this in a Facebook post:

“The Okaloosa County School Board unanimously approved Destin High School’s charter contract, at tonight’s school board meeting! Now… the most exciting part of this effort can proceed: kicking off Phase Two of our fundraising efforts, entering into a contract to purchase the school property, announcing the school mascot, launching the school principal search and making enrollment announcements. A HUGE “Thank You” goes out to our Phase One donors, volunteers and supporters. We are ready! Are you ready?”


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