[Featured] guiding the night // Milla Lewis


Guiding the Night focuses on migration, displacement, memory, and identity. Working off an archival transcript between my mother and great-grandmother, the document details the journey made by my Polish-Jewish family across the Pyrenees mountains to escape Nazi Europe. This work aims to open up broader questions around shifting territories, nation states, and the status of individuals within them – all of which hold continued importance in today's social, political, and economic climate.

Milla Lewis's work explores the space between the body and the landscape, a relationship formed by natural, cultural, mythological, and personal experience. Milla (b. 1997, London) has just finished studying Photography (BA) at the University of Brighton. She has co-curated and exhibited works in Brighton and London, including Uniqlo's Tate Late's event at the Tate Modern.

You can also find Milla on Instagram.

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