Chain Reaction: Investment in Canada's Blockchain Ecosystem

An exciting and emerging technology based on the concepts of transparency and immutability, blockchain has the potential to augment many sectors by changing and optimizing processes in areas such as supply chain management, financial services, public administration, and others.

Industry experts interviewed in this study viewed Canada favourably, recognizing it as home to several blockchain experts and a highly skilled talent base. Many alluded to Toronto as a key hub for promising blockchain organizations, and educational institutions like George Brown College were highlighted as essential in continuing to develop and grow key blockchain skills in Canada. Interviewees tend to view Canada as a favourable destination for investment generally-speaking but were lukewarm on the notion of blockchain-based investment — here, many expressed concern about conservative business culture, lagging private and public sector investment, and slow movement on the regulation front as key obstacles preventing FDI.

While these barriers exist for the time being, interviewees were optimistic about Canada’s potential to overcome them. By addressing these issues and continuing to support and grow its competitive advantage in the production of skilled talent and innovative IP, Canada can eventually create a vibrant blockchain ecosystem that attracts investment from around the world.

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