How Fitness Will Change Forever

You grab a door handle wrapped in germ-repelling vinyl and walk inside. A Bluetooth-enabled beacon at the front desk recognizes your phone and checks you in. The receptionist takes your temperature and hands you a towel, plus a colored wristband that’ll help the staff remind you when it’s time to go. Hopefully you brought some water with you, because touchless bottle fillers have replaced the drinking fountains.

You really couldn’t design a better place for the coronavirus to spread. The over-proliferation of expensive, and expensively marketed, new digital platforms will quickly narrow in a world of drastically lower consumer spending.

Virtually every digital fitness experience is still a simulation of something people used to do together. The chemistry of in-person interaction is so important that Peloton, for example, normally records classes with live students in its Manhattan studios. We can expect an increasing mix post-pandemic, it's unlikely to resemble the world we have emerged from.


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