The Future Of Margins In The News Industry

Like it or not. Look at the revenue of the music industry in this graph and realize that this is what the news industry's margin will look like. Replacing a mass market of high margin print subscriptions (CDs) by a lower margin digital mass market (streaming). The only reason the news industry has not dropped so fast is that print actually has an added value of a relaxing habit. Time for yourself in stead of time for work (i.e. screens). Compact discs do not offer that benefit over streaming. It is still the same speaker. I prefer comparing print to the cinema experience. You can watch a movie on your phone or in a cinema. Same content, entirely different experience and you will probably pay more for the cinema. Like movie houses, print is here to stay. But my guess is that print will be more of a luxury product, if we as an industry can actually deliver the luxury experience, much like cinemas have improved with better sound, better seats and convenient parking


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