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Play Ball

by M.G. Siegler


NFL and Amazon Reach One-Year Streaming Deal for About $50 Million

Joe Flint and Shalini Ramachandran:

The one-year agreement is valued at around $50 million, according to people familiar with the matter. That price tag represents a fivefold increase over the NFL’s agreement with Twitter for the same number of games last season.
While Twitter streamed the games on its free social network site, Amazon’s games will be available only to its Amazon Prime members, who pay $99 a year for free, two-day shipping and access to music, movies and TV shows. Amazon has more than 60 million Prime members world-wide, according to analyst estimates.

Another bad loss for Twitter. Honest question: did they get anything out of the deal last year? They got some buzz, but it didn't seem to translate into either users or revenue, so what was the point? Vanity? 

I'd bet Amazon gets a lot more out of this deal...

For Amazon, the push into sports distinguishes its programming ambitions from Netflix Inc. and Hulu, the online streaming service co-owned by Walt Disney Co. , 21st Century Fox , Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Inc. Both Netflix and Hulu have steered clear of sports and other live content.

I'm surprised Hulu didn't make more noise trying to do this -- considering they're owned by the networks which are well-versed in sports rights.


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