Interview for Times Now: Can We Go Back To A Pre-Covid Era? (Gerd's version, no geo-blocks:)

If you can't watch the Times' video above due to some odd geolocation blocks, try the unlisted link above:))

In this episode of The World Tomorrow with Siddhartha Talya, we interview Gerd Leonhard, a futurist, humanist, and author. The year is just about to end, and with the omicron scare, the world could go back to where it was a year ago. How does the future look for us? What does the future hold for us? These are the broad questions we tried to get answers to from Gerd. Gerd talks about the aftermaths of COVID and says, "we cannot go back to the world of 2018 or 2019. We will recover, but we will adopt a different lifestyle where the mask is an essential thing to put on. He goes on to answer many such questions


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