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Gone in a Flash

by M.G. Siegler


Facebook Exec Campbell Brown: We Are Launching a News Subscription Product

Continuing on the Facebook-trying-to-make-money beat:

"One of the things we heard in our initial meetings from many newspapers and digital publishers is that 'we want a subscription product -- we want to be able to see a paywall in Facebook,'" Brown said at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit, an industry conference, in New York City on July 18. "And that is something we're doing now. We are launching a subscription product."

Of course the publishers want this. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea -- see also: cramming in as many ads as humanly possible into "Instant Articles" -- because it doesn't mean it will do much of anything for any of them. Apple also has subscriptions baked into Apple News; I'm going to go not-so-far out on a limb to suggest it's not a massive success with users or publishers. At least Apple News is predicated on people coming to find and read news -- this isn't what Facebook was built around (yes, even if that's what people use it for). So good luck with that, Facebook.


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