How AI will (and won't) change the world

Marc Andreessen spoke with Timothy B. Lee on where things are headed with AI in our society. On the topic of the machines taking all our jobs:

I think the job of a doctor shifts and becomes a higher-level, more important job that pays better as the doctor becomes augmented by smarter computers.
That's why I'm so optimistic about the economy. That’s why I think the Luddites and the slow-growth people are wrong. We can have tremendous amounts of job creation and have huge productivity improvements. They’re not actually in conflict, despite what everyone thinks right now.

Westworld-like fears aside, the notion of the destruction of jobs feels overblown, as it always is with new technology. Unlike matter, jobs tend to be created. Like matter, jobs (as a whole) tend not to be destroyed, they merely shift into other forms... Often for the better...


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