AI Chips are Trouble for Intel

Continuing the theme of businesses potentially in peril, here's The Economist on Intel in a world of chips needed for things like artificial intelligence:

Much will depend on how AI develops, says Matthew Eastwood of IDC, a market researcher. If it turns out not to be the revolution that many people expect, and ushers in change for just a few years, Intel’s chances are good, he says. But if AI continues to ripple through business for a decade or more, other kinds of processor will have more of a chance to establish themselves. Given how widely AI techniques can be applied, the latter seems likely. Certainly, the age of the big, hulking CPU which handles every workload, no matter how big or complex, is over. It suffered, a bit like Humpty Dumpty, a big fall. And all of Intel’s horses and all of Intel’s men cannot put it together again.

Ouch. Literally. Intel famously missed mobile. If they miss the boat on AI too, they could be in very real trouble. Meanwhile, look at NVIDIA


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