I found another benefit


When we started 6prog the mission was really simple, and it hasn’t really changed.

Make the engagement between client and supplier cheaper and faster.

We have tripped over a few incidental minor benefits and one biggie though.

The small ones:

  • transparency : knowing what the fees are without the dance (sorry ‘value play’) being made by the agency/consultancy
  • reducing repetition : met someone you want to work with in future - connect
  • GDPR : No one needs to harvest anything - and shouldn’t

The biggie?

  • IR35
  • I started demoing the beta platform and on around half the calls the meetings would turn to the off payroll regs [link] and I would hear comments like - “very clever”, “this is what 1m freelancers are needing”, and “what hasn’t the [pick a freelancing association] done this?”
  • Why?Well, 6prog neatly helps businesses to work together. It means substitutes could be used, MOO & MOO, SoW are default, work could be booked in blocks, direction and control are set out by parity of the starting relationship and more pointers towards a non employee based relationship such as no CVs and an easy way to work via proposals.
  • Time to get off the perpetual staircase of contract recruitment and innovate your business?

Thanks for reading and especially thanks if you can share with a friend or two.

Have a good week,



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