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Beer Weekend

by M.G. Siegler


Channeling Steve Jobs, Apple seeks design perfection at new 'spaceship' campus

Julia Love on Apple's nearly-complete "spaceship" campus: 

When construction wraps, the only fingerprints on the site will be Jobs'. Workers often had to wear gloves to avoid marring the delicate materials, said Brett Davis, regional director of the District Council 16 union for painters and related crafts.
"It's like a painting that you don't want to touch," he said. "It's definitely going to be something to see, if they let you in."

Which is a joke, but also a serious point. For all the work and craftsmanship that went into this thing, how many people are really ever going to see it? Just Apple employees? Will they do tours? That certainly doesn't seem like a very Apple-like thing to do...


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