Also released by Velvetyne, Pilowlava was designed by Anton Mogliaby and Jérémy Landes. The typeface was commissioned by Cercle Magazine for use in their last issue, dedicated to volcanos. Perfect to create loud, impactful titles and headlines, Pilowlava displays an interesting mix of "viscous energy and controlled geometry." I find it interesting that the contrast of the typeface has no particular orientation, and varies from one glyph to the other. In addition, a set of alternate characters, that are mirrored versions of their basic counterparts, help to amplify this notion.

Because Pilowlava has a great deal of personality, using it as a titling font, we recommend pairing it with a more timid serif, like Wremena (free) or Happy Times at the IKOB (open source).

Download Pilowlava →


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