Slow down before you go down

And then the ultimate life hack that I cannot seem to grasp, as I started last week to write my second book with Matthijs and Matt: slowing down. Some points to consider are...

Why so serious? If one thing will improve your marketing, it’s humor. Is your brand confident enough to laugh at yourself? 2019 The Year When Taking Yourself Less Seriously, Wins.

Talent Retention What creates loyalty in modern talent (that’s polite for clever young employees)? Not the pay cheque. Loyalty is created by receiving something to believe in. Something that can be acted upon. After witnessing the Financial Crisis of ‘08 and corporate irresponsibility, young talent have become highly selective when it comes to staying at a company long-term. It is 100% seen as a choice. And, a two-way street. Companies must earn the loyalty of their employees. Salary ain’t enough.

Less is more A man does not own his possessions, possessions own the man. Reduce your costs and live with less.

Slow = Counter-Cultural Engaging in the process of slowing down is counter-cultural. We are taught from a young age that we are not good enough, smart enough, or worthy of anything unless we can earn enough money to buy it. This is a fundamental obstacle to realize, otherwise we will never have the confidence to make the decisions we need to make in life. The decisions that realize our full potential. Move against the grain and see what transpires.

Talk to strangers It will change your life.


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