Grab vs. Go-Jek: Inside Asia’s Battle of the 'Super Apps'

What started as a battle between ride-sharing services has escalated to an all out war across everything from groceries to mortgages for Southeast Asia’s middle class. Grab and Go-Jek have taken the idea of the 'super app' to another level using hyperlocal strategies in every market in order to try and attract users to their respective services while trying not to make price the differentiator. Originally largely staying out of each others' way, the companies are now on actively competing on home turf in a two player Game of Thrones, with Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, and Cambodia the 7 kingdoms. Money has piled into the fight, with $8.6bn raised by Grab and $3.1bn raised by Go-Jek with more to come for sure. This look into the fight by Fortune is among the better I've read, well worth the time if you're at all interested in Southeast Asian technology.


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