Equity Shot: Pinterest and Zoom file to go public


Talk about IPOmg you did how much in 2018 revenue? Friday saw both Zoom and Pinterest drop their S-1 filings and man, talk about some interesting reading (well, only if you're a nerd like I am). Now while I won't go into the specifics of the filings (you can read more about Pinterest here and Zoom here), I will applaud both these tech companies (and the others that have filed and / or gone public) on building very real businesses. For all the (justified) discussion about the bubble in tech, valuations getting crazy, companies raising too much money before proving they can do anything and the like, very real businesses are being built. Zoom, as an example, ended their 2019 calendar year (they have a Jan 31 year end) having done $330 million in revenue (up from $151m the year before that and $61m the year before that!) and profitable. That's no joke. Kudos to the teams on reaching this milestone.


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