What Are Instagram Class Accounts?


Class accounts are a way for incoming freshmen to make friends, find roommates, and suss out colleges before fall. That's pretty neat, but I can't get over the line “Facebook is just an easy way to find people on Instagram.”

Yet all the teenagers I spoke to said that they couldn’t imagine a Facebook version of class pages. In fact, several said they’d signed up for Facebook only in the past couple of months, so they could join the official Facebook group that their college’s admissions department created. “I didn’t start using Facebook until I got in in December, and that was the case for my friends too,” said Alexis Queen, who runs Harvard’s class account, adding that the school’s official Facebook groups are ghost towns. “The most popular post in our admission group is just, ‘Comment your Instagram handle,’” she said. “Facebook is just an easy way to find people on Instagram.”


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