A Decade in Review in Tech


As 2019 draws to a close, I wanted to jot down some thoughts on some of the most important technological adoptions and innovations in tech this past decade. I also look a bit into the future, enumerate a list of pain points and opportunities that can be addressed in the coming decade.

This post is fantastic. It's not focused on data, but rather the software engineering space more broadly, covering trends like containerization, CI/CD, streaming, and lots more. The reason this is interesting to me, and why it also should be interesting to you, is that it tells you what the future in data is going to look like. Application developers tend to get all of the new toys first, and then data folks slightly later. Essentially every technology trend mentioned in this post is also operating in the data space but is more nascent in its adoption.

Perhaps the instance of this that is most interesting to me is observability. There is quite a lot of movement in that space within the broader software engineering ecosystem, and data is just starting to see any movement at all. Generally, observability within data products is extremely poor today. Don't expect that to persist forever—there are several projects pushing on this.


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