Gimlet Media deelt podcastgeheimen met makers

Spotify nam vorig jaar Gimlet Media over, maker van podcasts als Reply All en Heavyweight. Vorige week publiceerde de studio een korte podcastserie op Spotify die is bedoeld voor andere podcastmakers: Gimlet Academy. In vijf afleveringen geeft oprichter Alex Blumberg tips over hoe het succesvolle podcasts maakt.

Hosted by Gimlet co-founder Alex Blumberg, Gimlet Academy walks wannabe podcasters through the process of creating a show, including how to pitch an idea, identifying and capturing “good tape,” and putting a full story together. Spotify says the show was initially only available to Gimlet employees, although it’s unclear if it existed in exactly this form. Regardless, it makes sense Spotify would release a creator-centric show, given that it’s made the creation of new shows a focus.

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