Temple of the Dog Reunites, Headliners at Last on a Mini-Tour


Speaking of Pearl Jam, I went to go see 4/5ths of Pearl Jam + Chris Cornell -- aka Temple of the Dog -- perform a few weeks back on the limited tour they're doing to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their collaboration. Great show. 

Mike Rubin on the hardships of trying to pull something like this off:

After a brief discussion, the musicians set down their instruments and huddled in front of the drummer Matt Cameron’s kit, listening over a smartphone to the song as it appeared on their million-selling 1991 album, “Temple of the Dog.” Memories refreshed, they returned to their stations, and resumed pushing “Pushin Forward Back” to its conclusion.
Not that the band members are unfamiliar with one another: Mr. Gossard, Mr. McCready and Mr. Cameron, along with the bassist Jeff Ament, are all longtime members of Pearl Jam, while the singer Chris Cornell is known primarily for his work leading Soundgarden. Rather, it was the material that was somewhat alien, Mr. Gossard said during a conversation in the theater’s dressing room, describing the challenge of “learning songs that we literally played maybe 10 times 25 years ago.”


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