What Her Story Tells Us About the Current State of Video Games


How did a small FMV game become Gamespot’s Game of the Month? Is it a “feminist propaganda”? Is it even a game? And why is it so good when it makes no sense?

While staying with my college friend Steve Meretzsky over the weekend prior to Red Hat Summit, we played some board games and he clued me into a game called "Her Story." It's been out for a while (never depend on me for cutting-edge game news) but it proved to be just the ticket for a long plane flight to Japan. In fact, I think it's fair to say that it's the most fun I've had with a game for a while.

The game consists of 200+ video clips that you have to search through to figure out the (somewhat ambiguous) crime story. Personally, I've always been a sucker for good narrative-driven gameplay; A Mind Forever Voyaging (which Steve wrote) was always one of my favorite Infocom interactive fiction games.

Consider giving this a try. I'd also mention that the author of this post has also written an exhaustive analysis of the game but only read it after playing.


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