How to Think More Effectively: A guide to greater productivity, insight and creativity

This is amongst the most impactful books I've ever read. It's short but packs a punch, I highlighted 66 passages in the 112 pages!

I've already applied the learnings on strategy, listening, focus, and empathy to my daily life.

Asking oneself to imagine what our lives might be like, without direct tools for a fix to hand, might feel immature and naive. Yet it is by formulating visions of the future that we more clearly identify what it is we might be missing, and so need, and thus set the wheels of change in motion.
The good listener takes it for granted that they will encounter vagueness in the conversation of others. But they don’t condemn, rush or get impatient, because they see vagueness as a universal and significant trouble of the mind that it is the task of a true friend to help with.
The challenge isn’t to avoid envy but to bring it more clearly into focus in order to guide our own next steps.


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