The Voices in Blue America’s Head

Great read on the rise of the Pod Save America podcast by Jason Zengerle. Two points stick out:

“Pod Save America,” by contrast, has no conservative antecedent. The craft-beer-bar-bull-session vibe of podcasts suits the left better than the shouty antagonism of talk radio. “Rather than trying to replicate what’s worked on the right, these podcasts aren’t taking the same tropes you see on Fox or hear on conservative talk radio and applying them to the left,” Miller says.

Both unclear and yet entirely clear why it took so many failed attempts to clone what works on the other side before the nail was hit on the head... And:

Chernin was the president of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation when the company enlisted Roger Ailes to get Fox News off the ground in the late 1990s, and he sees some parallels between the conservative cable channel and Crooked Media. “This was true of Roger: It’s not just a business for these Crooked Media guys, it’s a calling,” he told me. “The real execution challenge is about authenticity. Does it feel authentic to the audience? They certainly have that going for them.”

Authenticity meets the right platform at the right time...


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