Of course the Parkland school hoax videos went viral. The system was designed for this.


Josh Topolsky says we're in an information crisis:

We are in the midst of an information crisis, and no amount of algorithmic tweaks, purges of bots, or surveys of users is going to fix this problem. Social media in its current state is built on the premise that popularity — virality — is the core signal of value in its marketplace. When stories travel fast and are praised widely, the algorithm blesses them up to more and more users. Virus is the right word for this behavior — a sickness that spreads indiscriminately and quickly, with little regard for the health of its host. In this case, the host is our sense of truth, our faith in facts, and our shared narrative about what is happening in the world. The host is very ill. As much as Facebook’s vice president of ads would like you to believe this is just about a few bad apples who are paying to play, it’s actually about the foundation of how their business functions and thrives.


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