Top 10 Evaluation Criteria when Selecting a Prototyping Tool

📱Interactive prototyping for web and mobile apps is very important and has grown significantly over the past decade. There are many prototyping tools to choose from and this provides design agencies, designers, entrepreneurs and startups with more options. To make life easier we would recommend the following evaluation criteria when selecting the best user interface prototyping tool that uniquely and optimally works for you knowing that there is no right tool(s) that works for everyone.

At the end of the day, evidence beats opinion. Clients don’t want endless PowerPoint’s and back-and-forth emails, not forgetting to mention the never-ending meetings and specification documents. Instead, they want to see evidence and want to grasp and play with the prototype ‘like a real app’ on their computer or mobile.

By embracing prototyping agencies, businesses will be working smarter and not harder when using a prototyping tool. This will also result in more time to enjoy and consequently happier teams and clients. Everyone will start winning.


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