De abonneerpagina is een testlab geworden

Uitgevers testen zich tegenwoordig helemaal suf via de abonneepagina (en de bijbehorende funnel) op hun website om te kijken wat de beste manier is om mensen te verleiden om een abonnement af te sluiten.

“In the early days of optimizing commerce flows or shop pages, it was about, ‘Can you get a better conversion rate if you change something?’” said Karl Wells, the gm of membership at the Wall Street Journal. Today, he and his colleagues evaluate changes they make based on their effect on the Journal’s projected annualized revenue, or PAR; a change that attracts lots of customers who churn right out of their subscriptions makes less sense than a change that attracts fewer customers who stick around and renew.
For tests around things that have proxy, such as a change in price, publishers that have accumulated retention data can draw conclusions much more quickly. “In the old days we’d have to wait six months to get a read,” Wells said. “But now we understand the early signals of good retention.”

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