Aaron Chin - My Ceiling is Your Floor - 2nd Gen Leader of Canadian Health Business [The Business of Family Podcast]


Aaron Chin is a second-generation business leader and CEO of Organika, a family-led Canadian company dedicated to providing innovative, premium health products to help inspire people to live healthier lives.

  • Aaron's Dad had the dream when he moved from Malaysia to Canada to give his kids a chance to get ice cream whenever they wanted.
  • Aaron shares his vision for the company: I want to see us in every single home in Canada.
  • Despite the rejection, his father persistently put himself and his products out there, till the business took off.
  • To Aaron's kids: Know the importance of Family because it is more important than even the business
  • Realizing the diet differences between the newer and older generation, the company pivoted from mostly vitamin pills to be more involved in superfoods, powders, drink mixes.


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