Face blindness


This article from [Le Monde](http://www.lemonde.fr/m-le-mag/article/2015/07/02/votre-visage-me-dit-quelque-chose_4668193_4500055.html) made me realize that something I've been living with for decades was in fact considered a "condition". Face blindness - scientifically called "prosopagnosia" - has put me in a lot of awkward situations through the years, when people would come to me and obviously know me from somewhere (presumably conferences where I literally physically met thousands of people) and I could not recognize them. In that case I try to 1) pretend I remember the person 2) ask questions to rebuild the story of who they are, things like "so you're still working at... hum, how was it called again?". But sometimes it's painfuly obvious I don't remember who a person is, and I can walk down the street, look at a person I've met three times, and not recognize them. My apologies to anyone who might have been offended by my light but well anchored face blindness.


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