Coffee Design: Kittel In Montreal

Two coffee-related stories caught my attention recently: first, the new coffee boxes from Kittle in Montreal, which are beyond gorgeous, got some much-deserved attention from a Sprudge interview.

The illustrations are to die for; they were drawn by Dutch illustrator Timo Kuilder to create a colourful line of coffees with a vintage travel poster inspired motif... and damn it, don't they make you want to drink coffee all day and travel endlessly? I especially like this quote which ties in the need for quality of the coffee itself and marketing:

How do we introduce ourselves to new customers. If someone hasn’t had a chance to taste the coffee yet, they’re going to judge it the only way they can: visually. Through the process of this rebranding, we have learned that aesthetics are very relevant, and we are so proud to hear from customers that they love the new look.

The other piece of news is good news indeed for Londoners; as an ex-Londoner who dreaded the thought of walking into Harrods, I'd now have a perfectly good excuse: there's a new coffee roastery inside! It's called Coffee Elegance (of course, this being Harrods) and it looks visually stunning. You can find more photos and details of the new coffee shop also in a Sprudge article. Go check it out!


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