What about Fox News?


Former Facebook speechwriter Dex Torricke-Barton says Facebook is getting a bad rap:

Out of the tens of billions of pieces of content that were shared with American voters online during the US election campaign, a very small percentage of that content came from Russian-linked accounts. We have no quantifiable evidence that shows how many of those who were exposed to that content ever changed their minds about jack.
But we do know that vastly more content came from fully legitimate media sources and individuals. So here's a question.
How much of that legitimate content also swayed voters?
How much of it was also inaccurate, leading and misleading?
How much of it came with built in biases and values designed to advance a specific worldview that led to the election of Donald Trump?
If Russian fake news is social media’s cross to bear, then surely the impact of Fox News should be scrutinized for its massive ongoing program of US-led disinformation?
Of course, that would be an exercise in futility. We already know how biased and inaccurate Fox and many other sources of 'legitimate' content are. We know that content resonates with many people, but it’s also immediately rejected by the majority of people who reject the agenda of nationalism and hate that comes embedded in their commentary.
And there lies the real problem.


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