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Switch It Up

by M.G. Siegler


Tony Fadell tells us the story of the iPod-based iPhone prototype

Speaking of Apple, Tony Fadell spoke with Nilay Patel to walk him through the early iPhone prototype software -- which looks a lot like iPod software -- recently uncovered...

Let's back up a little bit. The first thing was, we wanted to make an iPod Video product work better. So let's put a big screen on an iPod, remove the wheel, and make the wheel virtual, so you can look at widescreen videos and pictures. Because the clickwheel was getting in the way, and we wanted to not make the device bigger, but we wanted to just add a bigger screen, we wanted to try to figure out. So that's the virtual wheel, that was another offshoot that we tried.

I recall many years ago dreaming of a widescreen "iPod Video" for movies. Fun to hear Apple was indeed thinking about doing it. Of course, I'll take the iPhone instead :)


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