How Microsoft and Other Tech Companies Help ICE

With child separations emerging as a growing crisis at the US border, government contracting has become more controversial than ever. Public records show tens of millions of dollars in contracts between ICE, Dell, and branches of Motorola and HP, providing crucial hardware and other infrastructure for Trump’s controversial child-separation policy. Motorola Solutions, having more than $15 million in active contracts with ICE, primarily for radios and other tactical communications equipment, is a significant ICE contractor. Dell has over $22 million in active contracts with ICE, mostly software licenses and support for Microsoft products. The largest tech contract is a $76 million data center agreement made with HP Enterprise Services in June 2015, which is currently being serviced by Perspecta, a company separated from an HPE spinoff earlier this year.

Companies mentioned (YTD): HPE (+6%), Motorola (30%), Microsoft (+17%), Dell (+10%)


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