Carl Bates - High Performance Family Boards from New Zealand to Africa

Carl Bates is Africa's leading educator, appointer and guide of High-Performance boards. As the Founding Partner of Sirdar, he is world renowned for his practical understanding of governance and is constantly invited to share his knowledge and insight on the subject - in Africa, Sirdar is the largest provider of independent non-executive directors to private companies and family businesses.

As a G2 entrepreneur, Carl works closely with his Mother and spouse in his family property business in New Zealand, bringing real world insights to his professional service clients. Carl is particularly passionate about how boards can transform and scale-up privately-held and family companies.

  • "I encourage family members to deal with things when they're not topical because that's when it's least emotional."
  • Carl shares that the purpose of his family business is giving people a place to call home.
  • Knowing most of his great grandparents personally helped instil values that formed the foundation for the role he currently plays in business generally.
  • While sometimes the family traditions do serve the purpose of bonding, in other cases, there is some resentment on the expectations from different family members based on such traditions.
  • So often the succession planning is focused on when the person passes away, but if we don't take other family members on a journey of understanding the business over time, when the time comes they won't have the understanding of it to enable a successful transition.


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