SMTP2Go | SMTP service

I discovered this service because I have several emails on custom domains that I have forwarded to Gmail, and then send from Gmail either as an alias or using the domain provider's SMTP service. Several of these were experiencing poor deliverability, which I traced to the provider not doing a great job of preventing their SMTP service from being abused.

Enter this tool, SMTP2Go. They have a free tier for up to 1,000 outgoing emails per month, and they have excellent reputability, and very good prices once you get past their free tier (the next one up is only $5/month for 2,000 emails per month, and price per email drops steeply after that).

This is also going to be my SMTP service of choice for any future products. Right now I use Amazon SES for CrankWheel, and it works fine but only because we've invested significant time and gotten expert advice on tuning it and setting everything up just right. It looks like with SMTP2Go, we would have hit the ground running from day one.


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