My kid is an Instagram Influencer. Here's what I do with her money

Kid influencers can be big business on Instagram. Three parents share how they manage their kids’ earnings–without spoiling them.

Krejci claims her daughter understands–as best as a 4-year-old can–what she’s doing when her mom features her on Instagram. (Norah also has her own page as of last month.) “Any time I’m doing a live [stream], she will jump in on it,” she says. “She knows there are people on the other side of the camera. She’ll wave at them and talk to them. As she has questions, I’m helping her understand what this life is about and what she’s doing and the part she’s playing in it.” 

I don't know, this still seems really exploitive to me. As per the article I shared last week, "It's not play if you're making money."


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